On track and figuring things out…

27 Oct

Since Sunday dinner I’ve cooked all my meals and brought coffee and lunch to work  (Go me!).  I do feel a difference eating paleo and having the Every Day Paleo book helps tremendously. Not to mention it’s much much better for my new budget.

I love love love my new job. I still have tons to learn but I’m positive it was the right choice. The only downside is that I haven’t adjusted to my new paycheck and have been using my already busting to the seams credit cards to make ends meet. This needs to stop in November. Cooking my meals and bring lunches to work is the first part of this plan. But I know I really need to sit down and do a budget and stick to it.

On top of all this change, I moved to a new apartment which is super adorable but still in a state of mid-unpacked crazy. Note to self, don’t move and start a new job all in one week if preventable.

I’ve also been doing a lot of researching about cross-fit. Of course by researching I mean google searches, blog reading, and yelp stalking.  Clearly, PhD type research.  I turned 30 in March and want to jump start my fitness and know that now is the perfect time in my life ie I still don’t have kids and a live-in partner.  It’s  the perfect time to build some healthy lifestyle habits.  My running was going super well before I received this job offer (7 miles!!!).

But the job offer came and all of a sudden I was re-organizing my old job, cross-training my replacement, prepping my program coordinator, and packing for a move. Needless to say that running fell off with a quickness. Oh and did I mention the SB wedding and the 50 person baby shower….yeah cray – cray.

But I’m determined to at least get the paleo started and hopefully feeling and looking a little better.  Bebe steps….that’s what I gotta focus on.







25 Oct

Life has taken some crazy turns and I find myself needing to make some changes and be a grown ass person.  For the record most of these crazy turns have been complete blessings.

I need to eat better. I need to eat like someone that wants to live for a while and let’s face it have babies at some point.  I’m getting back on track and it’s start with paleo.

Today was my first day and I actually feel the difference. I wasn’t bloated or tired the way I am usually after lunch and I found myself drinking a lot of water not with my usual  afternoon caffeine craving.

Breakfast – egg muffins (don’t be fooled they are more like crustless quiche)

Lunch – Sausage & shrimp stir fry* over a winter squash puree.

*Collard greens, bell pepper, mushroom, garlic.

Dinner – turkey, lettuce, hummus wrap and spinach, beet, carrot, bell pepper salad.

Water consumption – 50 ounces – woot woot!!!

Not a bad day…alright time for some serious bed time.

Dying a Slow Single Girl Death

28 Jul

For the record, I love love love living by myself. I like that is my fault there’s dirty dishes because I’m have a work crisis which involves me not washing them for three days. I love that I only have myself to blame when I can’t find my black stretchy skirt because I put it in the pajama drawer. I adore that I used the last coffee filter and can only get pissed at me because I keep forgetting to buy more forcing me to use the paper towel filter method.  Basically all the joys of your schedule and not having anyone throw you off your game but you 🙂 Plus I’m a tank top and underwear kinda girl when I’m roaming around the casa de lbg and that’s so not roomie appropriate.

BUT! Yes, there’s always a but – but when I’m sick like today, it f’ing sucks. I may die alone trapped under a large object. No one is here to bring me 7-Up and advil like an angel from heaven. I am feeling horrible and don’t want to leave the house and all my cures involve the outside world. This is why it sucks to be a single girl in the world. The bf has a big work thing tomorrow and I can’t make him cross the bay. Points though that he offered….sigh I’m going back to dying. Hopefully my fridge won’t fall on me or something.

sad sick single girl besos,


My love for the 90’s & New York

27 Jul

6.07 in 61 minutes, peeps!!! That’s what I call on my way to some serious half marathon training. I really did not want to run today and the weather was kinda nast…yes nast…as in nasty, like Ms. Jackson.  But I pounded it out with a little help from Salt n Pepper’s Push It – quite possibly one of the best workout jams ever. If it’s not on your mix, I suggest you add it and make that ish happen.

Ok enough of my 90’s lurve. The interview job has called most of my references and indicated they would like to make me an offer at the end of the week to one of said references. I am trying to keep my excited closeted until I see an actual physical or email offer letter but can I get a woo woo!

My fingers are crossed, my candles are lit, and I’m just praying. I need a change and a jump start for my career…there may also be some other changes if this offer pans out but I sorry they’re closeted at the moment. At least until I see some paper!

Speaking of closets, how much do you LURVE New York! Way to let love rule and provide marriage equality for all your people.  Sorry, I live in California where apparently we don’t believe in equality. Trust, nothing pisses off the little brown girl more than the lack of equality. Especially when some of my wonderful catholic brown people do not get that this is just like someone saying “Hey, no what! People of color shouldn’t be allowed to – insert your fav here.” Anyways, adoring besos for New York.

I have a man-hating post, that I’m excited to put down but it’s 11:17 and this girl needs some shut eye.

besos interwebs!


Another manic monday…are those the lyrics?

26 Jul

Today Monday in all it’s glory included the following:

  • Oversleeping – hooray nothing like rushing to get to the office.
  • My interview job calling my references without letting me know….umm thanks for the professional courtesy. I have to say this was not such a big deal but my boss didn’t know I was applying and I feel really bad having her worry over me being a finalist. She’s wonderful and I hate that our office situation is so toxic and by me possibly leaving it would put more stress on her, unnecessary stress if they don’t make me offer.
  • Ish with the boyfriend…bleh… I love the boy but sometimes you just need your girlfriends. Boys just seem to always say the wrong thing. I know this isn’t true but being in a relationship can be incredibly frustrating.
  • Chinese food break down…and I don’t even really like chinese food. However my healthy brussel sprouts, tomato, mini beef burger lunch was not going to cut it.
  • Home and not a single dish washed or made bed in sight

I really fuckin’ hate Mondays but some tiny non-bitchy part of me feels bad for Monday. No one likes you. You are pretty much the universal return to work day. Friday gets all the LOVE and whatever is left over Thursday snatches up. Maybe Sunday evening is the second most hated but it’s nowhere near Monday.

Dearest Monday,

I feel your pain but you need to not cause me any additional grief. You’re rough enough already.


the lbg

Love you internets, too. Until next time….besos!

Keep on Trucking

25 Jul

Maybe this isn’t the right title for this post but I wanted something to capture my constant re-start at this blogging thing. I read so many blogs and they are all absolutely different, wonderful, and usually very very funny. I keep trying to write, run, and eat things primarily with nutritional value.  Trying is the key phrase here hence the keep on trucking title.

Before I begin to kick myself in the face for not making anything stick, I want to acknowledge how difficult it is to keep trying and not give up. Even if you stop for 5 months and come back – hey bitches you still came back! That is something to be celebrated and all and all a good f’ing trait to have. This much I’ve learned is life is pretty much about getting kicked in the face. Sometimes you’ll see it coming and find a crafty way to protect the money maker. Other times you get a little beat down and make your way home to ice your face beneath some frozen berries and have a stiff, lovely, adult beverage.

So here we go people. It’s me trying to write and do something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled. The same reason that I’m trying to run, eat better, and find a new job.  We can chase whatever we want but for once I want to chase things that make my soul feel good and not come home and hide under my covers.  Yes, my current job as of late is making me want to hide under my covers or consume copious amounts of alcohol.

Tonight’s salud is for everyone that gets back up after getting kicked in the face, goes to the thankless job in the morning, and is attempting to eat like a healthy normal person that occasionally use paper towels as makeshift coffee filters.

Way to keep on truckin’ kids!


the lbg



Day 3 Paleo

30 Jun

Paleo -1 Lil’ Brown Girl – 0

I came home today absolutely starving and threw together a quickie Paleo meal which promptly lead to a nice little nap. My body does feel lighter and eating this way eliminates all the post meal bloating I usually have which is great. Attractive image, right 😉 I’m still adjusting and my home nap crash was definitely a little side effect. However I’m familiar with the ish from the first time I made the paleo leap.

I need to tackle some dishes, trash, and lunch making tonight but I wanted to hit a post before I get caught up in the night.

Really looking to the four day weekend even though I need to do some serious interview prep. I just keep trying to send positive lurve to the universe and hope that this works out for me! I really really need a change.

I put some miles down in the morning managing a 5.7 mile run in 57 minutes. I’m starting to have the confidence in myself to consider entering a half marathon in the Fall. Crazyness! This weekend I’m gonna head to beautiful Lake Merritt and try my hand at a 7 miler 🙂

Alright I need to be a grown ass woman and handle the kitchen. Being a domestic goddess is f’ing hard work.



Back in the Game

27 Jun

I want to get back to writing and writing here in particular.

One of my previous goals was working on my fitness and health. I’m making some crazy progress in that aspect of my life. I’ve been running 11 – 20 miles a week for over a month now. The longest run I’ve managed to do is 6.5 miles which was f’ing amazing! I want to keep up running four times a week but I would like to add some strength training to help me tone and lean up.

In terms of my eating, it’s an on and off again relationship. We get back together and I dump healthy on the weekend in a red hot minute. Or happy hour just sets me back on my ass. It’s just a few beers after all and I mean there’s nuts in that bar snack mix, nuts are healthy, right??? However I am incorporating fruits, veggies, and home cooking into my daily (M-F) life like a rockstar so there you have  it kids, a few small successes.

This week I’m going to try to go back to paleo and get rid of the breads, grains, and processed junk. A year and a half ago I did Paleo for about 2 months and had a lot of success in getting healthy and feeling great.  I know it’s a challenge but I think with the running and the right eating, my body will start to feel really good and look spectacular for all my later Summer and Fall weddings.

The working out and eating both have helped give me back balance in what is an unhealthy work situation. At the end of the day, I’m not happy at my job. I swing back and forth between constant stress, over working, and producing the bare minimum at times.  The last is the worst, I hate feeling like a bad employee and less than a team player. But at the same time so much drama, mistreatment, and unnecessary stress has occurred in my office.

 The exciting thing is that I have a job interview in two weeks! I’m really hopeful and going to start studying in tomorrow. It seems that they will be interviewing quite a few people but I just need to think positively and do my absolute best! The best part is just having the hope and dream of something new. I may need to take a pay cut but it would be worth it just to start fresh and taste the passion for my work again. I’m hopeful and just going to send love out into the universe and keep my fingers crossed! Can’t lie though it makes me smile to think of the possibilities.

The point of this post is to come back. I want to come back to writing. I want writing to be a part of my balance. I want to run, eat healthy, write, and start dreaming again. My work doesn’t have to make me crazy, stressed, and/or depressed. For a long time I was letting that situation affect all aspects of my life. Now I’m trying to change that and hopefully these changes will lead to a new job!!!


the lbg

Domestic Goddess of the Kitch

10 Jan

Sundays are so lovely right until 4pm rolls around and then the sad realization that I haven’t won the lotto and will have to return to work hits. SSSSiiiiiggggghhh.

You know, you sleep in, watch a little trash tv, leisurely get up and get ready, and dash to brunch with your girls. Maybe you have a mimosa or a bloody mary and rehash the important stuff you briefly blurted out in a drunken haze the night before.  “How did we get to be so grown-up”, “I think I need a break for me”,  “I’m beginning to think this move will be very expensive” and discuss!

Well after a beautiful Sunday morning filled with sun and brunch, I needed to get serious.

K…seriously didn’t happen until about 6ish but I hit up Trader Joe’s and fought the f’ing crowd.

Hold up, I need to rant about how the entire city of San Francisco feels the need to go to TJ’s on Sunday’s dammit! I mean, I wait in line just as long as it takes me to swoop in and grab my friggin’ ish. To top that off, you damn couples are leisurely tag teaming while waiting in line, grabbing the last 10 items you forgot! Erghh! Happily living together couple-y people.  Yes, it makes me a bitter little brown girl. But still I’m crowding up Trader Joe’s too. Hypocritical Ergh!! Screw you Sunday – universal day of grocery shopping and returning to work!

On the delicious switch, I got home and made some spicy turkey meatballs from scratch. That’s right kiddies! Me the kitchen challenged made three bomba recipes this week!!! On Monday, I baked rosemary chicken w/ brussel sprouts and butternut squash. Woo Woo. Saturday, yours truly cooked up a warm salad of Portobello mushroom, basil chicken, yellow tomatoes, and spinach. Very good! Topped off by tonight I made these spicy turkey meatballs which I’m gonna put to work in some lunch dishes. I am domestic goddess (stolen from Bridget Jones)!

On the Costa Rica Fitness update – I rocked it like a champion.  Lost a pound and obviously was furious in the kitchen. However Friday and Saturday there were some drunken shengagins and cheating as predicted. I’m gonna check the scale manana to asses the damage (fingers crossed) and get back to the program this week. Thank lil’ baby jesus we changed that “official” weigh in day to Friday.

In terms of relationships, mine is a-okay but still kinda in a suedo grown-up phase of what the hell am I doing! I mean I’m gonna be 30 in March and I feel like I should know if I’m in it to win it or not. BLEH. One of my girls is in a more pressing situation with her boy and I hope she can figure it out. There’s nothing worse than having one of your girls’ corazon all tore up over what to do and how she feels. Another one of my BFFs is moving down the peninsula and I’ll be missing her immensely but due to her lame commute I think we may end up seeing her more this way. Fingers crossed.

I also still haven’t started studying for graduate school but that may have to be a February start date. I really think January is all about working out and eating right. I want to do a run this week but honestly it’s been so cold in the city that I may have to video work out it again.

Alright, this lil’ brown girl is gonna enjoy some tea, get ready for bed, and sneak in a little reading before Evil Monday sneaks up on us.



I am my own McDreamy

7 Jan

The hump day kicked me to the curb but Thursday showed up with lurve for the lbg 🙂

I work at a University which hooks us up with mandated holiday break time which is awesome if you’re like me with a big crazy Mexican familia. I have my 3 christmas’ plus my boy’s family has a belated Hannakuh party in L to the A and we rounded out this year w/ an engagement party for our friends. Oh and I forgot to mention all this madness is bookended with my girls’ friend feast and his grad school buddies holiday get-together. Woo, I’m tired all over again.

But back to the ish, all this break time just makes me realize when I get back that I REALLY don’t lurve my job. I know…I know…I’m supposed to be positive thinking in the new year. Wednesday was that day where I was unproductive, dismal, and hating my hair. I decided to send some love out to the Universe and Thursday brought it. I’m sure it helped I started the day out with a great attitude despite (or maybe because of) the bad eating of Wednesday evening. So anti-Costa Rica working on my fitness!!! But in my defense – gf birthday celebration and I took some leftovers home. That’s positive right??? 😉

Speaking of my fitness, I think I’m moving my weigh-in to Fridays instead of Mondays. In the long run, I think that’s better because if I get a little cheaty mcgeeze I will have the week to make-up for it. I’m just being honest here, kids. If a lil’ brown girl is gonna cheat and by cheat I mean drink booze and brunch it will be the weekend. Hey, it happens.  So Friday leaves me a little swiggle and make up room.

Also, I’ve been seriously considering applying for graduate school. It’s a Masters in Urban Education with a teaching credential. I could complete 90% of the program in the evening keeping my full-time job and then when I got to the teaching component I would have leave my job or see if 50% time was a possibility.  My work would pay for the program if I am accepted at our university aka work. The only catch is you have to commit to working at the university for a minimum of 4 years. If applied and accepted I would have 2 years completed so I could time this right and leave w/ a new career but……. I don’t love my job and could I handle another 2 years? On the other hand being in a grad program could be the inspiration I need to make me happier overall. I don’t know kids. The possibilities though are promising, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time.

Is the little brown girl ready to career hop once more? Law to Higher Education to the classroom? I have to say though I went from youth advocacy (12-18) to advising graduate students and now teaching. There is a theme. I’m gonna be the dirty thirty this year so it would be nice to finally hit the career BINGO but at least I have this opportunity to chase my dreams 🙂 Crazy and as educationally in  debt as that maybe.

B.A. – J.D. – and M.A. …..Oh My!

Hope you all are starting the new year by chasing your dreams.